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About Us


Your passion and hobbies are shaped from experiences and mistakes

At Digitally Inspired we encourage creativity. That is why it is important for us to maintain a strongly connected diverse team based environment. Each individual on our team brings their own flare to the table. So far our team consists of Graphic Designers, Marketing Specialists, Front End Developers and of course Web Designers. Our contrasting backgrounds provide a fresh perspective to each project we take on. Individually, each team member is an expert in their field and plays a significant role in the company. Together, we integrate our knowledge and skills allowing us to craft innovative web based platforms for you.

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Shopify Experts

Becoming a Shopify Expert isn’t easy. There was a lot of sleepless nights, a lot of deadlines that had to be met but here we are. We are considered your neighbourhood Shopify Experts.

Let us tell you a little about Shopify and how it is our pleasure to be partners with them. Firstly Shopify is the #1 eCommerce platform that makes running your business as simple as waking up. Yes, I know sometimes it is hard to wake up but if you simply just move your legs you’re pretty much awake. Just like working with Shopify if you just move the mouse you’re pretty much running your own business.

Visit our Shopify Experts profile by clicking the image above, if you’re still not convinced and let us show you a little more about us.

Only a select few are Wix Webmasters and I am honoured to be one. A lot of long days and nights finishing the steps to becoming a Wix Webmaster. Had to lock myself in and focus, a crucial testing system implemented into the course. From long courses to the dreaded homework, it has come together and shaped my skills and experience that I can now utilize for you.


Creating unique and classy websites for the everyday business person

Brand New Website

Need a website for your small business or company but don’t know where to begin? Do not fret. We’ve got your back. Leave the website development in our hands. We will carefully integrate your vision, and business objective into one cohesive easily accessible website.


There are new and exciting web designs being created everyday.  How do you keep up to date with the latest trends? Here at Digitally Inspired you don’t have to. We will gladly update your current website up to today’s advanced web design standards.


If you are a tech savvy individual who has just created or is creating a website and want a fresh pair of eyes to constructively critique your work, get in contact with us. Our web designers will be happy to provide expert insight on how to enhance your design.

Have an idea? We’re here to help you manage your work